An impressive story about sheer willpower

Today I post something different. I met today two women on an impressive mission. Ann and Darrah are on their way to Beijing city center. We all can do it with the Chinese high-speed train within 5 hours from Suzhou. But they both walk to Beijing.

 :!: THEY WALK :!:

And that’s not all. They didn’t start in Suzhou where I met them; No, they started in Zhongshan, just beside Hongkong. Zhongshan – Beijing is not less than 2700 km.

For god sake, walking through complete Germany from the northern border to the mountains in the Alps will bring you around 900 km on the step counter and not many people have done that trip. And these two women a walking three times so far. Think about the amount of endurance force and strong will power is necessary for such a target.

Their mission slogan is Ni Keyi – 您可以 – You Can and maybe that’s the reason why I like their story so much. This mantra is the same, I pray for hours to myself, during an ultra-distance run. I think that is the key slogan for any super-endurance mission.

Today they arrived in Suzhou city, after more than 1400 km on the road with a speed of 25 km/Day. On the map below with the route, Suzhou is exactly between point C and D. They both are not on the road for their own health, sport performance or self-realization. They are on a raise funding mission for a charity organization, which help children with special needs. Several people donate an amount per walked kilometer.

2015-04-25 17.32.05

Together with Darrah, Ann and their trailer at Starbucks in Suzhou

Somehow, I found their blog in the internet just before they started the walk end of January. Straight away they got my kudos, because that’s the stories and the people behind, what I like and what I will support with all I have. They both are frequent bloggers and it is a joy to read their stories from their way through China’s countryside. They are like me ice-cream addicted and on Facebook I promised them to feed them with ice-cream as much as they want, if their walk will bring them through Suzhou. I found them today at Starbucks, brought 3Kg strawberry ice-cream and got frozen stomachs 🙂 Ice-cream addiction is something nice and not bad at all. 🙂

I really like to invite the readers / followers from this blog to have a deeper look at the Facebook page and the web-blog from these two inspiring girls. You also can find a link to the charity organization on their website.

➡ Facebook: Border To Border – The Walk

➡ Website:

If you are working on a target, but struggling with self-doubt or fear, think about Ann and Darrah and their slogan: „Ni Keyi“.

Ann and Darrah, thanks for your time this afternoon and good luck on your way forward towards Beijing. God and Buddha bless you.


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