Decisions can change so fast

I already registered for the Taishan marathon on Nov. 9th. But two days ago I got again a mail from a race organizer with an invitation to run for free in Southwest China; Nothing less than the Guizhou 100km challenge. A three day running event in the heart of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, which still looks like the ‚old traditional‘ China, with an extremely beautiful landscape.

I already saw some photos about this race a few month ago . I can remember that I thought ‚How crazy people can be to run such a insane race over 3 days‚.

2014-09-10 19.45.11


Well, I just sent my signed registration to the organizers. 🙂


After I saw the presentation video below, the paper was signed within seconds. So the Taishan mountain has to wait until next year.

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