My running summary 2014

As the year 2014 is coming to an end soon and the days are colder outside, I’m spending some minutes for my own summary 2014 and a little forecast 2015.

2014 was my first serious running year after getting the basics in 2013. There are still 10 days to go incl. a marathon on christmas eve but so far I was running 2288km in 190 workouts and burned 172.000Kcal. 🙂 I finished 11 full marathons incl. Ultras and several HM in 4 countries. All in all it was the best year in my life I ever had. Even the targets might be higher in 2015, it will not top the experiences I made this year.

69.6My biggest target was to reduce my weight under 70Kg (154lbs) in a healthy way. I reached this target just a week ago. So I lost since March 2012 in total 35Kg (77lbs) of body fat. 2011-2014It is already 30 month ago since I stopped smoking and 18 month without any alcohol. Life is so much easier now. 🙂 Get rid off the bad addictions and getting a excessive runner might be not always a good idea but it works fine for me and I’m happy with this. Just set a goal, go out and do the first step. It sounds easy, it is easy. Everybody can do.

Merry Christmas

My medals 2014

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