Ninghai Trail – Review (Be your own Hero)

Run to the Hills

Run to the Hills

It’s been a while ago since I updated my blog. I’m very sorry for this. After the demoralized DNF in Ladakh at the Khardungla Challenge (I took myself out of the race after 2.5 hours with huge health problems) I wasn’t in the mood to write anything in the blog. Back in China I also was busy to earn some money that I will be able to continue my running journey on this planet. So I also was very busy during the last weeks with many other projects. Sorry, sorry, sorry. 🙂

But now the summer is gone and the next weeks will be very busy with running events around China.

Be Your Own Hero

Ninghai062 Weeks ago I already finished successful the „Ninghai trail“, a well established 50km trail run here in China in a beautiful landscape one hour south of Ningbo. The race is organized by a very professional event company. The race website is in perfect English as well as most of the staff can speak good English. That’s very rare here in China, but makes a signup for a race so easy. That was my second race with this company after the Nanjing Mountain Marathon in March this year, and I will continue run their races next year even if they are a bit pricy. I finished this 2500m total ascent race on Rank 36 out of 600 starters in 6h:41m. This let me look very confident to my future runs in the trail running world. The Ninghai trail event came up this year with a great slogan. „Be your own Hero“, which I directly adopted. That’s just 4 words, but enough to point exactly why we do this, why we running over mountains, jumping down steep trails with lose rocks big as a car, running through cold streams and dark forests in the night with a little headlamp.

Right now I’m sitting in an hotel close to Kunming airport here in southwest China and I’m on the way to Dali to run the Dali100 ultra challenge tomorrow. In 5 hours I will be sitting in a shuttle bus which brings us in an 5 hour journey to Dali.  I will have some more time to write an Dali100 Pre-race post later.

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