Ready for the 100 miles !?!

I did it! Registered for my first 100 miler. Less than 3 weeks and I will be back in beautiful Hongkong New Territories and will run the first edition of the UTHK (Ultra Trail Hong Kong) which is also the inaugural race of the Asia Trail Master series, a new trail race series in the Asian area.



In general it looks like that I found my final running type. As I was always a person searching the extreme, extra long ultra trail running was the only solution. 🙂 I think the decision to continue in this nice extreme sport was made during the HK100 run a few weeks ago.

So now it will be 100 miles!
What’s the meaning? For myself it will be reaching new limits. Finish the first 100 miler must be like grabbing the crown of distance running.

Assuming I am able to reach the finish line I will continue this year in long distance running and join more races in the Asia Trail Master calendar. In fact I already signed in at the 100k run in Dalian in April. Beside 2 other races in China I hope I can also join the Vietnam Mountain Marathon and as a gift to myself after a hard 2015 I’m planning to join the Annapurna 100 in Nepal. Running around the Annapurna mountain range must be amazing and something really, really special.

But back to the close targets. The UTHK trail run is waiting for me with 9500 meters (31000 ft) total ascent and 9600 meters knee -painful downhills, which makes this race directly to one of the harder trail runs and will be on the same level as the famous UTMB (Mont Blanc) and UTMF (Mount Fuji).

courseA (1)

The race distance is 174km (108mi) and the run will start on Feb. 27th at 1:00PM. The finish line will close on Mar. 1st at 3:00PM which is a cut-off time of comfortable 50 hours.

UTHK map

I will write an update of facts and thoughts just before the race, during the race I will post on FB during rest time at Checkpoints.

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