The first post

Quite difficult to start a empty blog. But as I also put the running shoes on my feet 2 years ago for the first time and jumped into cold water, I also will write a blog post for the first time now.
During my runs I have so many thoughts, questions and experiences which I like to share with others so I thought a blog might be helpful plus it is a nice diary related to my hobby. I also will add here in this blog my race-reports from my races mostly in China. Join races as a foreigner here in China is a real adventure, special when it is not a IAAF gold label race like Shanghai or Beijing

In the last few months I got more and more into that ultra-trail-running thing, so I decided to join the Hongkong 100 Ultra Trail race next January. Unfortunately there is a ballot at end of September because not all applicants can join the race. Now I just have to wait, but I will and have to train hard to be able to manage this unthinkable distance.

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