Vibram Hongkong 100 Ultra-trail (Part 1)


Time is running and in less than 24 hours I’ll be on my way to Hongkong to take part at the HK100 ultra-trail.

2015-01-01 06.27.50During the last weeks I ran 2 more marathon, the one in Zurich at new year night under hard climate conditions (-10°C, ice and snow). But it was a very nice experience to start at midnight surrounded by the city’s new year fireworks.

2015-01-11 11.47.41Another run I finished last Sunday at Hainan Island. A nice city marathon which I completed in 3h:40m under coconut palms. 🙂

And now I’m getting closer to run my hardest race so far, and I guess it will be the hardest 24 hours ever. I’m super-super-nervous, cannot sleep proper and hope I have done everything right in the last month training and preparation.

I just finished to gear preparation for the race which I like to share here. The weather in HK will be nice and perfect for a race like this. We will have 12-18°C and sunny during the day.

2015-01-13 23.01.47 On my body at the start

Bag content 2015-01-13 23.16.35

2015-01-13 23.39.07At CP5 (KM52) the runners can put a drop bag. That is also the point of the race where the hilly part will start. So I decide to run the first half without the trekking poles and take them at CP5. Also there I have to prepare for the night, so I will add some long-arm and long-leg clothes, also a light windbreaker as it will be chilly during the night on the mountains. A spare headlamp will be also a good choice

2015-01-14 00.00.15Another drop bag will wait at the finish line with a fresh layer of clothes and a well deserved beer. 🙂

Keep you updated!


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