First steps on Khardungla Road

Leh / Ladakh – Day 2

Well, I pissed no blood this morning and my inner organs seem fine, so my acclimatization run yesterday was not so bad. I woke up last night with huge headache, but this is normal in this height and within a few days also this should be gone.

IMG_5408Had a morning climb again at the stairs beside my guesthouse to the top of the hill to see the sunrise over Leh. I will run this nice stairs now every morning so I can also see my daily improvement in the acclimatization process. On the top in the small temple is a nice Buddha statue which I will visit on my daily morning climb. No idea if it helps on my run, but at least it will not have a bad influence here in this Buddhism holy country.

IMG_5415 - KopieJust after noon I was running again on Khardungla road. This time I made it up to the 4000m mark which I reached after 9km. When you run on this road it is easy to forget that you have to run also all the way back. Carrying plenty of water is a must on these runs here at this altitude.

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