Grassland Extreme Marathon – Xiwuqi / Inner Mongolia (Part1)

After one year I am back in Xiwuqi / Inner Mongolia. It was last year such a great weekend that I directly signed in for the race in 2015. And when I’m back at home next week I will sign in for the 2016 race. Why? Because it is one of my favorites race here in China. I already ran now so many races here and I found 4 races where I always like to get back.

1. Grassland Extreme Marathon in Inner Mongolia (Landscape and tranquility)

2. Guizhou100 in Guizhou Province (Landscape and minority crowd)

3. Tianmu7 in Zhejiang Province (The hardest race so far)

4. Vibram HK100 in Hongkong New Territories. (International top race with many elite athletes and a unique party atmosphere)

I went yesterday first by train from Suzhou to Beijing and later another one hour by plane to Xilinhot in Inner Mongolia. Unfortunately the plane had more than 5 hours delay (Every plane in China has delay. It is always a disaster.) So we arrived in Xilinhot at 2AM. From there we took a shuttle bus arranged by the race organization and after another 2 hours bus ride we arrived at 4:30 in the morning finally our host place.

Race gear

This morning i first picked up my race gear and directly after I went out for s short run. 13km into the beautiful grasslands. I love this place so much. Cannot describe at all, how nice it is. The unpolluted air and the tranquility is amazing. IMG_4410

The rest of today I will just do some relaxing blog updates and enjoy the pre-race atmosphere. The race tomorrow morning start already at 7AM.


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