My first trail marathon

2 weeks already gone since I was running in Patagonia. Used this time for regeneration of body and soul. Had a lot of carbohydrates and fatty sausages in Chile which are usually very restricted in my diet. I also gained several Kg, but that I will run away easily. A runners body needs this off-time and lazy hangouts once in a while. At the end it makes you faster.

But now off-time is over and  tomorrow morning 7:30AM I will run my first trail marathon in a huge forest spot in Wuxi, an hour away from home. Never was running a race on a trail so I will start without any high expectations. The course has a total ascent of 1180m, but most in the first half of the race. So it should be not soo hard.

2014-10-10 15.00.00

height profile 42k race tack 42k

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