New Limits

Sitting at the Airport in Shanghai and waiting for my flight to Guiyang. There will be a running challenge with a total distance of 105km during the next 3 days (42/42/21) and I will take part. I got an invitation again for this race, so flight and hotels are already paid.

Last week I was in Osaka and finished successful the Osaka Marathon, the 7th largest marathon in the world with >28.000 finishers. I was not satisfied with my time and during the race I had no idea what happened, but after 25km I was completely out of energy and finished in 3:55h. Next day I got fever and catch cold, so I guess this already started during the race and knocked me out.1910637_10204231567286079_4771744782208519720_n I also wasn’t in the right mood to update my blog or do any other work for over a week. The race in Osaka itself was great, never experienced such a huge crowd of runners. Very well organized, which I expected from the Japanese, very disciplined and the nicest finisher medal I got so far.

Anyway, now it is time to look forward and find a new limit in Guiyang during the next days. I will try to keep this blog updated.


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