My last race in 2014 here in China

IMG_2842I went this morning to south China for my last race here in China for this year. Around Shanghai we already get slowly into a winter mode, but down here it is still very nice. Comfortable 25°C is perfect for a race tomorrow. It will we some hilly 42km and they should be on tarmac but I’m still not so clear what exactly will happen. The race is a complete local race, again I’m the only foreigner. I will run without any expectations. Just enjoy the race day and the atmosphere here.

IMG_2836Arrived by train in Xiapu / Fujian province this afternoon I looked around and saw some healthy looking, sport shoes wearing people in leisure clothes and I just followed them. My well trained view was correct. They were also runners and so I found easily the way to the hotel and the race setup. It is always so exciting, travelling alone into these remote areas here in China. Well prepared in advance and armed with a good smartphone it is pure fun to travel even without the language knowledge.

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