Sansha Mountain Marathon

Back in the train on a 6 hour ride to Shanghai I can spend my time for a blog update. Today the race I finished in 4h:05m more or less. Exact dates I will get in a few days.
IMG_2876The race was very tough, a lot of hill climbings and most people was well trained Chinese mountain runners. The race was also advertised from the Chinese mountaineering association, so I did not expect a family walk.

Before the race I shared the expectations with other runners and my target time was 4h. I was so close to finish the race exactly in this time but a view minutes before the finish line I missed a root or a stone and I switched into a flying mode. The landing was rough, bloody and quite painful. But DNF was not on the radar this time. The IMG_2866Chinese local crowd was quite surprised when a zombie came across the corner and crawled over the finish line, covered in blood and dirt. All in all not a big problem but it will be in my mind when I will run the HK100 in 7 weeks.

I hope I will have the chance to join more races as this one today. These races are the biggest fun. Small event, friendly helpful people, beautiful landscape and getting to these remote areas is quite adventurous.

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