WiBoLT – 320km nonstop trailrun

 WiBoLT – Wiesbaden-Bonn-Long-TrailRheinsteig-Hinweisschild

Just one more day and I will be standing at the start line for Germany’s second longest nonstop trail run. The WiBoLT 2016. 320km at the Rheinsteig, a premium hiking trail along the river Rhine. Start of this trail is at Wiesbaden (Capital of Hessian province) Biebrich Castle and the northern end is in Bonn (Former capital of West Germany) at the market place in the city center.

Some race facts:karte

  • Cut-off time is 90 hours
  • 11700m of altitude gain
  • 320km
  • 60 runners
  • 14 CPs
  • 2 Drop-bag CPs

During the race I will post some updates, images and videos at my Facebook timeline. So please check https://www.facebook.com/alex.holl , give me some kudos and push me through this extremely long trail with your likes and comments. 🙂

There is also a live-tracking available at www.wibolt.de

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