Appearance money and event shirt

Today I got the first time my appearance money for a running event. 2000RMB just to show up here in Helong and running tomorrow a Halfmarathon. Flight tickets was 1600RMB so actually I made a 400RMB profit. Sounds not much but it means a lot for me.
My first appearance moneyI already got today two more invitations to show up on marathon runs here in China where I also could get some money just to run there. But unfortunately I already have fixed race plans in Chile and Japan on these dates. But nevertheless it looks like I´m into this organized group now and for sure I will get more chances to run marathons for some coins.

Today when we picked up our bib number we also got our event shirts. Thanks god I brought my own clothes, the event shirt I cannot wear. No idea how the organizers could decided such a pussy hello kitty color. I’m afraid I will get mental tomorrow morning when I will be surrounded by thousands of runners in this nice colored shirts. 🙂

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