Train Slower, Race Faster

It sounds strange, it is also not easy and you need a lot of discipline but it is true. Running slow makes you run faster.
I ran the last 2 weeks around 200km and all in a slow speed. It was very boring and I thought I might be in a kind over over-training because I also was not in the mood to run fast (No power, no will). But this morning I jumped into my Racers, thought it might be a good day for a short, fast run and here we are. 🙂


Never thought, that is is possible with my old bones.

So now I’m confident that I will beat the 1h:30m mark in a half marathon. But to be realistic this will be my target for next year’s HM run in Yangzhou in April. For 2014 I would be happy to beat the 1h:35m time. In Changshu on Oct. 19th might be a good race for this target. we will see.

The rest of this week I will continue will some more short sprints to have my bones ready for the HM race in Helong this saturday.

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