Guizhou 100k recap

Last weekend I survived and finished my first 100k race. A 3 day stage race in China’s Guizhou province inside the Miao minority prefecture. I am so happy and proud with my new medal and still cannot realize that I finished this 100km challenge. 2 years ago I finished my first 5k, 12 month ago…


New Limits

Sitting at the Airport in Shanghai and waiting for my flight to Guiyang. There will be a running challenge with a total distance of 105km during the next 3 days (42/42/21) and I will take part. I got an invitation again for this race, so flight and hotels are already paid. Last week I was…


My first trail marathon

2 weeks already gone since I was running in Patagonia. Used this time for regeneration of body and soul. Had a lot of carbohydrates and fatty sausages in Chile which are usually very restricted in my diet. I also gained several Kg, but that I will run away easily. A runners body needs this off-time…


Patagonian International Marathon – Review

After several days in Patagonia in the province „Ultima Esperanza“ (Last hope) I’m back now in Punta Arenas and looking forward to some more relaxing days here in Chile before moving back to China on the weekend. The Patagonia International Marathon in the P.N. Torres del Paine was a great success. The organization was very bad…


Running at the end of the world

We finally arrived in Puerto Natales, the small city close (2 more bus hours) to the National Park Torres del Paine. The weather is quite rough. Around 2°C and very strong cold wind which feels like raxor blades on skin face. But anyway, we have fun and finished today a 18km training run for some acclimation.

Gear preparation for an Offroad marathon in Patagonia during winter

24 hours before I will leave my home and travel around the world I started to prepare my race gear. The race gear was a point I thought about many many hours during the last weeks, because it’s the first time for me to run a race under this hard weather and terrain conditions, so…


Result List – Taiyuan International Marathon

This morning they uploaded the result list from Taiyuan race last saturday. Finished on rank 72 out of 1484 in the men’s list. I guess thats quite good. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Beside the first 7 black superfast africans I was the best foreigner, which was not so difficult as I was also the only western…


Result list – Helong International Halfmarathon

Finally the result list from the Helong Halfmarathon 9 days ago. I finished on rank 32 out of 481 starters in the men’s list, which is pretty ok. 🙂 Now wait for Taiyuan results.

Taiyuan International Marathon

Sitting at the airport now in Taiyuan and wait for my flight back to Shanghai. Legs are bloody tired. Successful weekend. Great race. The course was perfect and weather conditions also. 14°C at the start and later no more than 20°C.  I blasted away my old PB from Tengzhou 3 month ago and finished here in…